Personal Payment

Accounts from the hospital, Surgeon/Specialist, Anaesthetist and Physiotherapist (if applicable) will be sent to you directly.

Payment Options

We accept most credit cards, EFTPOS, and internet banking as forms of payment.


If you are an ACC patient, your Surgeon/Specialist will apply for approval from ACC prior to your procedure. Once approval is obtained your procedure can be booked.

Your accounts will be sent directly to ACC.


If you are a member of a medical insurance scheme please contact your insurance company prior to admission to ensure you procedure is covered and to answer any questions you may have.

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Program *

Your accounts will be sent directly to Southern Cross. You may have to pay an excess or shortfall payment. Southern Cross will advise you if this if applicable and payments for this can be made to Kākāriki Hospital.

Other Insurers and Southern Cross Non-Affiliated Provider **

Your accounts from the hospital, Surgeon/Specialist, Anaesthetist, Physiotherapist, (if applicable) will be sent to you directly. Please wait until you receive all accounts and send them to the insurance company together.

*Southern Cross has approved a list of procedures to be covered by their Affiliated Provider programme. The list does not include all procedures. Where your procedure is on the list Southern Cross has contracted Kākāriki Hospital to send all your accounts to Southern Cross directly. If your procedure is not on the list, you are responsible for sending all invoices to Southern Cross.

**If you have any questions about your Southern Cross insurance cover please phone Southern Cross prior to your Admission.